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American Hemp's team and network includes agronomists; farmers; engineers; project management, process improvement, and supply chain professionals; former government officials (Health Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and Canadian Food Inspection Agency); financial advisors; private and public entity attornies; individuals experienced in international trade and regulations; entrepreneurs; MBAs; and more. Whether being a licensed plant breeder since 1995 or helping implement the licensing program of industrial hemp in Canada in the late 1990's to early 2000s, birthing or consulting start-ups to making improvements to Fortune 500 companies distribution networks, American Hemp's team background has allowed them to reach milestones others have not.  

American Hemp's team also has an Unofficial Board of Advisors including:

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Supply Chain Professionals

  • Financial Analysts

  • Marketing Specialists

  • General Contractors and Site Developers

  • Process Improvement Consultants

  • Farmers 


In Memory of Niels Hansen-Trip


American Hemp met Niels in the summer of 2010, while attending the Ontario Hemp Alliance's Field Day. After an afternoon and evening of conversation, a bond formed over a common passion and mission: to grow the industrial hemp fiber industry to its true potential.

For the next several years Niels was influential in the project development and strategy for American Hemp's fiber processing facility plans. His ten years of project management experience and vision to implement a Total Quality Management (TQM) system in the early 2000's before the concept and term was a commonality, not only helped, but inspired American Hemp.

American Hemp is honored to have had this gentleman involved in their lives and business.   

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