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American Hemp - Bast Fibers: For Your Healthier Applications
  • Product Family: Bast Fiber

Hemp Bast Fiber


  • Bast fibers are plant-based natural fibers, which are cellulosic fibers found in the phloem of the stalk of bast fiber crops like industrial hemp. 


  • Hemp is annual crop with a growth cycle of as little as 90-100 days.

  • Since hemp bast fibers can be used in a variety of applications such as paper, textiles, composites, and many more, please contact us for requests relating to this product.


  • Benefits include lighter product weight, reduced energy usage, and more environmentally friendly manufacturing footprint, among others.

Green bast fibers with exposed hurd

Green Bast Fibers With Exposed Hurd (Core)

Microscopic Image of Untreated Hemp Bast Fibers - American Hemp LLC Example

Microscopic Images Of Hemp Bast Fibers

Bast Fiber Prototyping and Testing


  • Example Testing:

    • Tensile

    • Flexural

    • Density

    • Dimensional

    • Microscopy

    • Thermal

  • Example Design and Prototyping

    • Wovens for Fabrics

    • Non-Wovens for Insulation and Growing Mediums

    • Composites for Building and Automotive 

Microscopic Image of Hemp Bast Fiber Surface and Size - American Hemp LLC Example
Non Woven Matt via American Hemp LLC NC

Non-Woven Matt

Other Plant-Based Bast Fibers, Biomass, and Recycled Fibers Offered Include:

  • Flax

  • Kenaf

  • Jute

  • Organic Cotton

  • Cotton Stalks

  • Miscanthus

  • Denim Scraps

Denim Scraps (Textile) via American Hemp LLC NC
Post Harvest Cotton Stalks via American Hemp LLC NC
Raw Miscanthus via American Hemp LLC NC

Post Harvest Cotton Stalks


Denim Scraps

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