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Have Hemp To Sell or Buy? Contact Us and Answer the Questions Below!

  • Stalks (For Sellers)

    • What seed density did you plant your hemp?

    • When did you cut the hemp (pre-flowering or after harvest)?

    • How many pounds (lb) do you have available?

    • Where are you located?

    • How long are the stalks?

    • How is the hemp baled?

    • What is your desired selling price?

  • Seeds (For Buyers)

    • How many pounds (lb) of seed would you like to purchase?

    • What is your desired output i.e. floral matter, fiber, or grain?

    • Where are you located?

  • Floral Matter (For Sellers)

    • What percentage CBD is your floral matter?

    • Can you provide a lab certified analysis and profile of your material?

    • What quantity do you have available?

    • What price point would you like to sell your floral matter?

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