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American Hemp - Small Animal Bedding: For Your Healthy Pets
  • Product Family: Hurd

American Hemp Small Animal (Pet) Bedding Benefits


  • Less Upkeep!

    • One of the most absorbent animal beddings on the market

      • 2x more absorbent than pine shavings or wood pellets

    • Higher salvage rate, since it is an industrial absorbent (absorbs 4x its weight), saving time and money


  • Helps control odor and ammonia 


  • Unlike some pine shavings and straw, hemp bedding has minimal dust


  • Soft enough for eggs


  • High thermal rating, keeping chicks warmer while they sleep


  • Biodegradable and all natural


  • Chemical free


  • Decomposes faster and is less acidic than pine shavings or pellets


  • Great for hamsters, rabbits, rats, snakes, mice, birds, tortoises, guinea pigs, bearded dragons, and more.

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Hemp Animal (Pet) Bedding Application in 4 Steps

  • Clean out the cage or aquarium completely


  • Spread

    • Each bag is approximately 2.5 lb or 10 L


  • Mist (Optional) the hemp bedding and turn it over to activate the hemp bedding's absorbent properties


  • Clean the soiled areas weekly or as needed


On the Record - Pet Owner From Oregon


"I use hemp hurds for all applications of my aviary, including nest boxes, breeding cages, and bedding on the flight floor. It's so amazing I wouldn't think of ever using anything else.  Its soft enough for eggs and newly hatched chicks, dust free, super absorbent, and keeps the aviary totally odor free!  


I simply rake the clumps of soiled hemp every week and add fresh hemp to replace it."

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