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Sustainable Fiber, Textiles, and Finished Good Apparel

  • We offer finished good apparel and private labeling manufacturing for wholesalers and brands. Minimum order quantity is 1,000 units. Contact us today!

  • Hemp is a renewable fiber that can increase the sustainability of your knit or woven textile product in comparison to other certain types of fibers.

  • Other types of fibers available include linen (flax, another bast fiber), Tencel, organic or conventional cotton, and recycled polyester, among others.

  • Contact us so we can better understand your wants and needs i.e. type of fiber, yarn, knit, woven, or finished good you are interested in.

American Hemp Development

  • We are developing the United States hemp textile value chain from fiber-to-finished good with our partners at Bear Fiber, Inc.

  • We can provide hemp supply chain management services to produce your finished good item here in the United States of America.

  • We set up the domestic yarn, textile, and cut and sew value chain to provide you with hemp products in a re-emerging industry.

American Hemp Apparel, Textile

Click here to contact us today to place an order.​ 

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